July 2011

  1. OWL’s press release with the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations featured in Sacramento Bee article

  2. A Huffington Post article calls out the Gang of Six for being “scared of information”

  3. OWL Past President Ellen Bruce quoted opposing cuts to Social Security in WomenEnews.org article.

  4. OWL Member Margie Metzler quoted on the debt deal’s effects on women in Washington Post article and in Daily Loaf blog.


June 2011

  1. Democratic House Members call out plan to cut Social Security benefits.  Read a letter that outlines the effects of the cuts.

  2. New report from the National Women’s Law Center shows that women will be hit hardest by changes to Social Security’s cost-of-living adjustment.

  3. Op-Ed in The New York Times by Thomas Geoghegan

  4. OWL calls for AARP to oppose Social Security cuts - Press Release

  5. OWL Executive Director is quoted in eNews Park Forest article


May 2011

  1. The National Women's Law Center has posted new one-page fact sheets about the importance of Social Security for women and families in each state and the District of Columbia.


April 2011

  1. Report released by the Joint Economic Committee shows that the pay gap between men and women affects women’s retirement incomes and reults in reduced economic security for women during their retirement years: “The Gender Wage Gap Jeopardizes Women’s Retirement Security

  2. Read OWL’s fact sheet on the proposed budget resolution by Congressman Ryan.

  3. Boldly go to www.socialsecurity.gov - Entertainment icons George Takei and Patty Duke are teaming up to encourage baby boomers and people of all ages to “boldy go” to Social Security’s website.

  4. OWL supports the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations’ Consensus Recommendations for the 2011 Older Americans Act Reauthorization

  5. Merton Bernstein emphasizes that Social Security is More Essential than Ever

  6. OWL supports resolution passed by National Latino Congreso

  7. OWL receives credit in recent HBO film You Don’t Know Jack featuring Al Pacino


March 2011

  1. OWL releases “Scrap the Cap” video


February 2011

  1. Santa Cruz IMC: Demo Outside Deficit Commissioners’ Speech in Monterey


January 2011

  1. OWL releases “Voice of Women” video


December 2010

  1. Wall Street Journal: Could You Retire without Social Security?

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November 2010

  1. Wall Street Journal: Deficit Proposal Draws Mixed Reviews

  2. Merton and Joan Bernstein’s Huffington Post blog: Washington Post Budget Hocus Pocus

  3. Merton and Joan Bernstein’s Huffington Post blog: Mistake about Social Security Distorts Sunday New York Times Budget Exercise

  4. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research’s Social Security Media Watch Project blog: Get the Facts on Social Security


October 2010

  1. CBS News: Older Workers Waiting Longer to Retire

  2. New America Media: Social Security Can Unite Generations, Not Divide Them

  3. Wider Opportunities for Women’s National Elder Economic Security Initiative blog: Senators Put White House on Notice: Cuts to Social Security Won’t Work


September 2010

  1. NPR: Democrats Latch on to Defending Social Security

  2. US News & World Report: Why Social Security is Your Best Investment

  3. La Crosse Tribune, guest view written by Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans: The Truth about Social Security

  4. Merton and Joan Bernstein’s Huffington Post Blog: Fiscal Commission Mistakenly Targets Social Security for Cuts


August 2010

  1. Former OWL Executive Director Ashley Carson interviewed on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

  2. Obama weekly address video: Honoring Social Security, Not Privatizing It

  3. Video by The Young Turks: (R): Social Security For Lazy Leeches

  4. Check out the Alliance for Retired Americans YouTube station

  5. KPFA Living Room: Social Security Under Attack - from Democrats?

  6. Reuters: Social Security and Milking Cows

  7. Washington Post: Groups call for Alan Simpson’s Resignation over “Sexist” Letter

  8. ABC News: Deficit Commission Co-Chair Apologizes for Calling Social Security “A Milk Cow with 310 Million T*ts”; Feminist Groups Call for His Ouster

  9. New York Times: Fire Alan Simpson

  10. Press Release from Wider Opportunities for Women: Wider Opportunities for Women Calls on Congress to Keep Social Security’s Promise

  11. Wider Opportunities for Women’s National Elder Economic Security Initiative blog: Keeping the Promise of Social Security for Older Women and their Families

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July 2010

  1. The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare’s video: Too Old to Work Too Young for Social Security

  2. Social Security Works’ video: Strengthen Social Security...Don’t Cut It

  3. Former OWL Executive Director Ashley Carson testifies to Fiscal Commission


June 2010

  1. OWL releases “Social Security: The American Promise” video

  2. The Frances Perkins Center’s video: Social Security Stories Project

  3. OWL Former Executive Director Ashley Carson blogs in Huffington Post: Older Women Rally Nationwide


April 2010

  1. OWL Former Executive Director Ashley Carson blogs in Huffington Post: Enough with the Pink Panthers Bit


March 2010

  1. Wider Opportunities for Women ‘s Stacy Sanders blogs in Campaign for America’s Future: Social Security Isn’t in “Crisis” But, Older Women Are

  2. OWL Former Executive Director Ashley Carson blogs in Huffington Post: Don’t Panic! Social Security will be there for you


January 2010

  1. OWL releases “No on Fast-Track Commission” video

  2. OWL Former Executive Director Ashley Carson blogs in Huffington Post: Say NO to the Fast-Track Commission

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