1. Tell Congress and

  2. the White House:

  3. BulletVote “NO” on any budget cuts for the Social Security Administration. 

  4. BulletSocial Security does not contribute to the deficit; it should not be cut to reduce the deficit.

  5. BulletSocial Security Administration cuts will hurt thousands of American workers and retirees.  Social Security offices may be temporarily closed, a backlog of cases will pile up, and retirees’ hard earned benefits could be delayed.

Social Security Matters is a campaign of OWL - The Voice of Midlife and Older Women

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A campaign to strengthen America’s financial future.

Social Security Matters is a campaign to maintain the stability of America's Social Security program. The purpose is to promote factual information about Social Security and to advocate for the ongoing stability and enhancement of the program. Social Security Matters is run by OWL - the Voice of Midlife and Older Women and other national organization partners.

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  1. BulletContact your Senator

  2. BulletContact your Representative

  3. BulletContact the White House

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What’s New
Congressman Ryan’s Road Map is a Speedway to Disaster for Older Women
Social Security and Medicare are under attack again.  Without these programs, millions of Americans, especially older women, would be in poverty and without access to health care.  
Read OWL’s fact sheet on the GOP/Ryan proposals.Home_files/OWL%20GOP%20Road%20Map%20Fact%20Sheet.pdfHome_files/OWL%20GOP%20Road%20Map%20Fact%20Sheet_1.pdfshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1