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Don’t Agonize, organize!

Help OWL educate, motivate and activate women of all ages to fight Social Security privatization.

Women have a particular stake in the fight to privatize Social Security. Women of all generations can’t count on the stock market to make up for lower earnings, years out of the workforce, and a longer time in retirement AND to make up for the cut in basic benefits under a privatized system, too. Private accounts cannot offer what Social Security does: guaranteed, lifetime benefits that never decrease. Although privatizers work hard to convince skeptics that their proposals have been developed with women’s unique needs in mind, privatization won’t work for women.

Social Security provides retirement, disability and survivor benefits to millions of women and men — young and old. A comprehensive discussion of Social Security and its future cannot be had without taking into consideration women’s realities, perspectives and needs.

About OWL

OWL is the only national grassroots membership organization that focuses exclusively on issues unique to women as they age, striving to improve the status and quality of life of midlife and older women. Though OWL works on behalf of midlife and older women, our members also share a concern for the young women of today — women who depend on Social Security’s disability and survivors benefit and women who remain the group most vulnerable to poverty in retirement tomorrow.

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Real Life Stories

Read stories from women of all ages who have benefited from Social Security and who need Social Security in their retirement.

Helen ‹ 76 years old
Blanche ‹ 62 years old
Geraldine ‹ 83 years old
Bev ‹ 51 years old
Jennifer ‹ 28 years old
Tyra ‹ 23 years old
Amy ‹ 31 years old

Share your Social Security Story with us. How has the program touched your life and your family? What role do you think Social Security will play in your retirement?

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